I think the design isn't that bad, even not considering its age.

Besides, go change the default design of (www|wiki|forums).armagetronad.net and you'll get entire pages full of threads on how the old one was soo much better in almost every aspect Smile
I really like the idea, and I'm willing to contribute by coding/designing something which is not taken care of (my amount of time is limited though).

About the forums: from my expierence and things I learned at university (user interfaces etc.) lines and borders tend to confuse. People are used to reality where things are either separated by free space or block the persons view to the "objects" farther away. Instead of borders try to use shaded boxes / layers stacked on top of each other (to achive some kind of pseudo deepth perception).

If you look at the design around this post, just try to count the number of borders. Better: use more free space and slightly darkers colors for the not so important user profiles and other parts. The main post should be the focus of peoples attention.
MaZuffeR wrote:
Something like this? (www.wesnoth.org)
I like that. Before I saw that page I was going to suggest a few things to be prominent on the home page. Those would be: the client on all platforms, a brief description of Arma, and screenshots/video.

Now, how to design without borders and still look "armagetron-y"? It seems strange since the game is based on a grid in a box and drawing lines around stuff. Kind of a paradox if you ask me. It's hard to pull a design motif from the game that translates to "open space" since the game is inherently claustrophobic. Smile

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