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Building a LEGO Daedalus

So let's be clear, while I built a LEGO Daedalus-class Battlecruiser, I did not design one. Credit for that goes to BravoLima2k4 on Rebrickable. I love this model because it evokes the right shape for a price in bricks that's affordable - less than £10!

After seeing the model I knew what I wanted to do was order the parts for three of them for myself and friends with whom I re-watched Stargate during lockdown (on Discord). I pretty much instantly hit buy and have no regrets. (Not all of the parts were available from one seller, so I had to make a few minor substitutions to the model.)

This is a perfect memento for my friends and I. The build process was tricky with the original directions being unclear in places. After making a stand out of parts I had around, I wanted to add the stand to the directions as well as make it a better build experience all around for my friends. I downloaded and opened up Brick Studio for the first and had a go at editing things. The software is really good! It was pretty fun figuring out how to shuffle things around and make comprehensive building instructions. I was sitting with two of the three models I've got half-built at one point figuring out how things should go together.


The modified model with stand comes in at 138 pieces. See if you can spot the ZPM!