Armagetron Advanced Temporary Downloads

In all truth, we forgot about how much SourceForge's propogation time sucks, so we've provided this temporary download location for you to get Armagetron Advanced!
-The Devel Team

armagetronad- - Linux x86
armagetronad-data- - Linux x86
armagetronad-dedicated- - Linux x86
armagetronad-executable- - Linux x86
armagetronad-osx- - OS X PPC
armagetronad-win- - Windows x86
armagetronad-win-dedicated- - Windows x86


Here are the additional commands that have been added to Armagetron Advanced, which we forgot to put in the configs... This will be rectified on the next release...
WIN_ZONE_DEATHS 1 -> Turns the instant win zone into a death zone if enabled.
ROUND_CONSOLE_MESSAGE_1 -> Line one of a message displayed between every round.
ROUND_CONSOLE_MESSAGE_2 -> Line two of a message displayed between every round.
ROUND_CONSOLE_MESSAGE_3 -> Line three of a message displayed between every round.
ROUND_CONSOLE_MESSAGE_4 -> Line four of a message displayed between every round.
ROUND_CONSOLE_MESSAGE_5 -> Line five of a message displayed between every round.
ROUND_CENTER_MESSAGE -> Big text message between every round.
ADMIN_PASS -> In game admin password.

In game admin information:
How in game admin works is in your chat line you type "password command parameters". Minus, the " of course. Here are the commands then:
say <something to say>
Does what you think it does
cm <something to say>
Center Message
com <something to say>
Console Message
User List with IDs,
ku <ID>
Kick User with following ID

Armagetron Advanced is released under the GNU GPL, etc, etc... You know how it goes. But in case you actually want to read the license, it is here.

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