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Anyone know what this nut is doing? As you may have noticed, I am a fan of XKCD. The more important question at the moment I suppose is, who am I? I go by the name of "guru3" or "guruthree" when the former is taken. You'll find me on a few irc networks like QuakeNet and Freenode. In RPG type games like Eternal Lands, I go by "TheGuruOfThree" because it sounds more RPGy. You'll find me on YouTube and Twitter under that name as well. You won't find me on Facebook, because I'm not there.

Then there's what I do. The answer is, a bit of everything. By trade I'm an engineer, but I heartily enjoy solving the odd computer problem. At the moment, I actualy do more computer stuff than engineering. Helping out with the open source game "Armagetron" is one of my longest running projects. (I do this under the name "Tank Program".) I don't do too many other collaborative projects on-line at the moment, but I do get in a lot of stuff to play with. That stuff's going to go here.

Hardware Projects:


Everything Else: