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Avatar Images & Signatures

Avatars are one of those things on the internet that really tickles me. Expression of yourself right by every post. Accordingly, as I've changed or thought up new avatars as I've seen new things. I should also point out that signatures can work similarly, and occaison images slip in there too. I wish I could remember more of the order I used these in, but oh well. Apologies in advance for the animations.

The Armagetron Forums

The place I've been the longest, it has influenced no small portion of my avatars. There are a few avatars I remember creating specifically for use there. I think I've got these in the right order, but this probably not all of them. You'll notice a certain progression for a bit.


A few attempts at specfically anime related avatars. These turned out quite, quite, badly.


I did have an awesome hat. I wore it on Tuesdays. It got stolen in 2nd year. It was one of those Cat in the Hat ones. Working over the summer wearing a suit, knowing what weather was coming for was paramount. I unfortunately learned that you just can't trust the BBC weather report.


I know the first one of these came out of Hammer during my CS phase, and got used as my MSN image thingy. I don't have one of them now because I use BitlBee, which is loads better. The CherryOS thing is from back when they ripped of PearPC. I'm not sure about the next 2. The wave one is from Eternal Lands when I was playing around with some of my guild members in LNX, the Linux guild. The last one there is my current Twitter avatar, which I'm rapidly moving towards changing.


I have no idea when this first one was done, but it was a long time ago. The second one there is influenced by The Scarlet Pimpernel, which I saw a year or two ago. And of course, no collection is complete without a userbar.